About Girl Engineer


As Principal, I am grateful you have chosen to “Make the Connection”.  We are based in Houston, Texas but are gearing up to reach other cities, and states giving everyone the opportunity to work in the public sector through Engineering and Science.

Our goal is to convey the fundamentals of mathematics and applied science to everyday task that are commonly taken for granted such listening to music, reading a book, cooking your favorite meal, or just playing an exciting volleyball or basketball game.  The efforts to guide each student to the consciousness of how mathematics and science are intricate components of our lives on a daily basis.

Once the student comprehend and understand the simplicity of numbers and its formulas, she or he, will be able to make an intelligent assessment of how engineering will be a part of their lives, either becoming an engineer or agreeing to enjoy the wonderful tools engineers have created to serve the public.

Our mathematics tutorial classes, and goals and need life symposiums and amenities general information will make you aware of the greatness that is already inside you.

Barbara Ann Horris  Smite,